Boxing Day

Sounds like: Good Riddance, Lifetime, and Strike Anywhere.

This file contains the Boxing Day demo.



Boxing Day was a short-lived punk/hardcore band from in and around Orlando, FL. They were active for a brief period of time between 2010 and 2011. The guys in the band liked Good Riddance a lot which accounts for their name as well as the style of punk rock they played. The brothers Cantwell – that is Tommy and Matt – handled drums and vocals respectively. If you’re from Central Florida you might recall that they both used to be in No Harm Done. Tommy went on to drum in every Florida band ever and Matt became a truck driver. Surprisingly, local ogre Chris Kee managed to curb his primal instincts long enough to play guitar for Boxing Day. He then completed a tour of duty as Axis‘ roadie/bodyguard while I was still a member. He liked to lift large objects over his head and only talk about moshing, yet never actually move his over-sized feet. He sure liked to punch Tommy a lot though. Boxing Day’s bass player Tyler moved to Central America to help people and not waste his life like the rest of us. I think Charles from get Outta Town Records may have been in this band at one time handling second guitar and now he does who gives a shit.


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