No Harm Done

Sounds like: Good Riddance, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, and the Bouncing Souls.

This file contains both full-lengths, the 2007 EP, and the split with Offsides.



No Harm Done was one of those bands that made you want to puke. And it had nothing to do with their music being bad. It was the fact that everyone in the band was still in high school and they had their shit so unbelievably together they made bands comprised of older-ish dudes (like myself) look like completely clueless balls of shit. I mean, these guys had already done two US tours by the time they graduated from high school. Shit, Tommy was fourteen years old when they first started playing shows. They played in Mexico. I’ve never even been to Texas.

Years From Now did a winter tour in 2008 with No Harm Done and Trample – a Florida triple header. It should’ve been a lot of fun, but I had strep throat the whole time and I turned into a pile of whining, blubbering shit for the whole three weeks. It was unfortunate because these youngsters thought I was the softest ball-gobbler in existence. They did not like me, at all. I managed to overheat their van while I was driving (I was well past my third strike at that point) and I also had taken so many pain killers I threw up down the side of the vehicle (strike sixty-eight). They were not stoked. When I think back on that trip, I remember trying to sleep in their van in 20 degree weather at a truck stop somewhere in Jersey. I went inside to use the bathroom around 4:00 AM and I got catcalled by some lonely trucker who’d mistaken me for a lot lizard.

Anyway, No Harm Done played a wonderful blend of punk and hardcore that reminded me of Good Riddance with Dan Yemin playing third guitar. Matt’s vocals were great and the amount and quality of releases they managed to garner over the course of their existence was nothing less than staggering. They were a great band and all the members went on to do other, equally great bands including Boxing Day, Axis, Nightlights, and We’re Not Dead. Tommy and I even reconciled years down the road, played in some bands together, and even toured (with no incidents involving puke, overheating vans, tears, or my throat). Also, Matt rules because he snatched Chris Key’s Power Bar out of his big paw one night and threw it into traffic in front of a Hoopz show. Thumbs up, buddy.


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