Mothers of Dead Motherfuckers

Sounds like: American Nightmare, Tear It Up, and wet trash being dropped onto dry trash.

You can download the three song demo here.

Or you can download it here.



Born from a terribly offensive conversation that took place during an Axis tour some time in 2011, Mothers of Dead Motherfuckers was the brain child of Tommy Cantwell*, an unhygienic subhuman who has played drums for pretty much every band in Florida since he was fourteen. Tommy wrote the songs, played guitar and drums, and did the main vocals on the demo. He also paid me $20 I didn’t ask for to drive to Orlando on a Tuesday night and record bass and back-up screaming without ever hearing anything he’d written.

Even though the recording was rushed, it’s still pretty good: fast, raw, and moshy. Tommy was talking about playing live a few years back, but it never happened. It’s a shame because his between-song banter would probably be wonderfully horrific and disgusting. Tommy currently drums for Axis and he used to drum for We’re Not Dead, GrossNo Harm Done, and Boxing Day, among many others.


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