Night On Earth

Sounds like: a vastly inferior Samiam, or… Latterman. Or whatever, who cares.

This file contains our demo and my laughably bad vocals.



I’m going to keep this brief because when it comes to Night On Earth, I’d prefer to forget the whole debacle all together.

After the demise of Years From Now and my departure from Meantime, I moved to Richmond, Virginia for a few years. When I came home, I got together with my good friends, the Spiker brothers – Shane and Jesse – to do a new band. We wanted to play melodic punk rock along the lines of Samiam. Also, we thought it would be cool to cover “Molly” by Sponge. That was really the genesis of Night On Earth. Initially, we called ourselves Futures, but we soon discovered some screamo band already had that name. We settled on naming ourselves after one of my favorite Bouncing Souls songs. And for the first time, I was going to play guitar and sing.

We practiced a lot. Too much, as it turns out. We exhausted ourselves on the few songs we wrote before we could even get going. Alex, from my two former bands, joined on second guitar for so brief a time he may not have been there at all. We replaced him with our other friend Bob and even though he was enthusiastic, it wasn’t enough to save this disastrous outfit. A combination of maudlin lyrics, my voice, conflicting schedules, and just plain boring music added up to only one thing: we sucked.

We recorded a demo and it was bad. I mean, bad. Mostly because I was trying to do the sing/shout thing that the guy from Latterman did. My version was complete garbage. I ended up doing all the vocals again and it still wasn’t good. We played a few shows and we all finally said, “Fuck it.”

Years later, redemption would come in the form of other bands. Shane, Jesse, and I all did lengthy stints in Axis, as well as my bands We’re Not Dead, Rewritten, and Grudgeholder. We’re Not Dead was when I finally got my vocals right and to this day, I’m the most proud of my voice and songwriting on those recordings.

Night On Earth… not so much.


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