Sounds like: Go It Alone, Comeback Kid, and Verse.

This file includes New Histories, as well as the lyrics and artwork.

You can download New Histories here as well.



The most remarkable thing about Rewritten was how long we lasted: one show. The songs that make up our EP existed as skeletonized guitar riffs on my phone for longer than we were an actual band.

I hesitate to call New Histories a concept recording, however it’s the closest I’ve ever come to making one. The main idea behind the record (and the band) was focusing on our singer Emelia’s transition from male to female. Her lyrics deal with the fear, anger, and sadness that such a huge change can create in one’s life and the lives of those around them. Emelia had been my longest-running best friend since the eighth grade so when she informed me of what was going on, I assured her I’d be there through the change and that nothing between us would be any different. I even came up with the idea of the band as a way to get myself and our friends acclimated to her new life. But the band proved to be a tough thing to keep together once she began transitioning. None of us expected how different things would feel. I suppose that’s on us and our limited perception, but there it is. Despite the majority of the punk scene’s constant idealistic yammering, you can’t ever say how you’ll react until you’re face to face with something you don’t understand. It just wasn’t easy, least of all for her. And bands are already stressful as it is, so Rewritten fell apart before we could really get it going.

It’s unfortunate because I love this EP. I think it’s made up of some of the best hardcore songs I’ve ever written. Emelia and I had always had the idea to start a band that sounded like the 2000’s Rivalry roster. I think we managed to accomplish that, I just wish we’d been able to do more with it.

Tommy Cantwell (Axis) played drums for Rewritten, Bob (who played with me in another short-lived band called Night On Earth) handled rhythm guitar, and Derrick (vocalist of Grudgeholder, lead guitarist of We’re Not Dead) played bass. We played our one and only show in the summer of 2014 at the Lions Den in our hometown of Daytona.

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