Same Mistake

Sounds like: Modern Life Is War, Verse, and American Nightmare.

This file contains the 2004 demo and a live practice of two unreleased songs.

Stream the above files here.


Same Mistake was a short-lived hardcore band from my hometown of Daytona Beach, FL. They had a dark, melodic sound, similar to Modern Life Is War and Verse. Among those who were lucky enough to see them, they have an enduring reputation. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say Same Mistake was one of the best hardcore bands to ever come out of my town. They had such a raw and desperate sound, but it was tempered with a high level of musicianship not often seen in a band like theirs.

I eventually wound up filling in on bass at the first two of their three final shows. Jared, who was the original bassist, ended up joining Down To Nothing and later Trapped Under Ice. He sang for a short-lived band called Dismissed and did (does?) a label called Solid Bond Records. My best friend Mike also ended up replacing Same Mistake’s vocalist Stevie for these last three shows as well. Stevie sang on the demo, but by all accounts Mike was the superior vocalist.

Same Mistake’s recorded output consisted of just one four song demo, though when I filled in there were two brand new songs being played. However, they were never properly recorded. I do have the live practice demos of both, sans vocals, included at the link above. The quality’s not great, but it’s interesting to hear if you’ve only ever listened to the demo.

I was decent friends with most of the guys, although except for Mike and Alex, I haven’t talked to the rest of them in years. Colby, the drummer, filled in for a lot of popular bands at the time, like Outbreak and R’N’R. He threw my Good Clean Fun CD out the window of his car once. I never got to thank him. Richie, who played guitar and wrote most of the music, lived in a dilapidated, detached garage during the tenure of the band and was a weird, but likable guy. Last I heard he’s some kind of vegan chef in New York. Stevie disappeared from my radar for a time, but I heard he just got married. And Alex went on to be in Years From Now, Meantime, and Nightlights.


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